I fucks with Charles Hamilton. Slightly. I fucks with Soulja Boy. Never. Soulja Boy will still be rapping in 2009. Charles Hamilton may not be in the game this time next year. Soulja Boy is bigger than the whole damn game. That is to say he might be the only other rapper other than Jay-Z or 'Ye Tudda that can fill a stadium of fools. 'Crank Dat' is the new millenium 'Electric Slide'. It will be the song at weddings that gets all the old people up and dancing. What is ironic to me is some old people's disdain for Soulja Boy. He's one of us.

Soulja Boy is damn near forty years old. I guarantee you son is thirty. You don't get that business savvy in your teens because your brain still isn't even fully developed. Soulja Boy probably tried all other different kinds of rap styles that southern rappers try. The smooth Andre 3K flow didn't work for him. Neither did the dope boy pitching from the trap character. The lane that was open was the high school dropout. Soulja Boy slipped right in there with no problem.

There's a long history of entertainers who present themselves as strictly fun loving partygoers. Soulja Boy is no different than say, a Britney Spears, or a Madonna. He makes music that is devoid from thought and strictly focused on making you shake your ass. People need that. Hip-Hop needs that. What is all this talk about lyrics and over-arching concepts? Who cares about that shit anyhoo? Obviously no one. That's why the Roots albums sit on the shelves in Target ten deep, but when you go to a Roots concert and they cover 'Crank Dat' everyone gets hype. I bet you couldn't name one track from the Roots last album. I know that Soulja Boy can't. He's too busy stacking money.

Soulja Boy's music is recession proof also. I just came back from the 'A' and that song 'Bird Walk' is killing the radio down there. I don't know why the NYC programmers aren't jumping on that shit instead of all this Jadakiss shit they have been spinning lately. Lyrics are so last year. Next year I imagine we will be rocking out to Soulja Boy production on the Blueprint 3. Jay-Z better learn how to dance. Soulja Boy should do Charles Hamilton a solid and throw him a track. And if Charles Hamilton can't do a dance and make a hit then he will have no one else to blame but himself.

Charles Hamilton's mixtape release party was cool. There was a lot of young chicks in the party. I looked at these teenagers and I wondered what their mothers were up to. That's what I think of when I see a sexy little 18 year old. Soulja Boy definitely got the game on smash. I'm not saying that 'Bird Walk' will do 'Crank Dat' numbers but I'm sure son will be platinum again with no problem. And the scary, scary shit is that Soulja Boy hasn't even pulled out his ace card. A lot of rappers will have to retire when SB goes in on auto tune.

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