Hours after getting arrested for probation violation on Friday (March 15), Soulja Boy is once again out from behind bars. As soon as he made his return to the outside world, Big Draco made some time to post a humorous video with one joke made at 6ix9ine's expense.

"Big Draco, I'm out of jail, nigga!" he screams in the video. "This shit ain't gonna stop, bruh! You got me fucked up! I had the biggest comeback in 2018!" Soulja continues. "I'm not gonna go out like 6ix9ine, you got me fucked up, bruh," he adds.

If you recall, 6ix9ine drew the ire of many in the rap community after he cooperated with federal authorities to identify his fellow gang members as perpetrators of a series of violent crimes. Tekashi still faces a potentially hefty prison sentence after pleading guilty to federal racketeering charges.

Before Soulja jumped onto his IG story, he uploaded a video snippet onto his IG post with a simple announcement about his freedom. "I'm out of jail," he wrote.

Soulja was reportedly arrested for probation violation after police found ammunition in his California home last month after investigating it because he was hit with kidnapping allegations. Because his 2016 probation dictated that he's not allowed to own any firearms or ammunition, this was a clear violation, and thus, he was arrested while visiting his probation officer earlier today.

See Soulja's post-jail release video below.

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