Forget Nas and Lil Wayne, it looks like Jay-Z has a new beef on his hands, and this time, it's with jazz pianist Paul Anka.

Anka, the Canadian singer/songwriter behind Tom Jones' "She's a Lady" and Michael Jackson's "This is It," is taking Hov to task over a snubbed phone call. According to Anka, he called Jay about getting a verse from him for an upcoming posthumous Michael Jackson album called Duets, however, the Brooklyn rapper has yet to return his call.

"I called up Jay-Z because he did a track of 'My Way' where I loaned him the track," he said. "I wanted to put him in on a rap with Michael Jackson in the middle. I called him up, but Jay-Z has totally blown me off. He won't answer my calls, he's inappropriate in his behavior. I love his wife, I think she's great, but Jay-Z wouldn't return the call."

Check out TMZ's full interview with Anka up top.