Where there ever more consumers than producers? More seekers of art than creators? If so, when exactly did the tide change? We once marvelled at Mel's message and Rakim's 7 MC theory. Hov's 22 Two's and Q-Tip's industry rules. Pac, B.I.G., and Face all painted pictures many of us know all too well, yet few of us would dream of emulating! Not for a fear of failure but more of a respect for professionalism. Showmanship was real when Whodini & Run DMC hit the stage and still lives in Outcast and a few others.

So when did the tide change? When did 6'0 "bunny-less" gym rats start applying for the NBA draft? Who told these no hops, zero skill set, rec league hoopers they were on par with Lebron and Kobe? A.I. and Melo? How did they get shoe deals and commercials? When everyday Schmo's inhabit the realm of the elite we have the potential for market collapse... When "NY State of Mind" becomes "Laffy Taffy" and "Today was a Good Day" becomes "Do the Stanky Leg" anyone and I do mean anyone can enter the fray. Thus leading to a nominal shift in the "Tide". In closing SMASH V. suggests we let the pros be pros and the Schmos be Schmos... Art is life, live and create... 100billion... SMASH V