In the new video for Snoop Dogg's song "Revolution" featuring October London, the West Coast OG tells an all too familiar tale of discrimination by police towards people of color. Snoop walks around his neighborhood in the clip and witnesses police officers harassing two kids from different backgrounds.

"Revolution," which is produced by Just Blaze and off Snoop's Coolaid album, finds the rapper urging people of color to stand up. "I feel like true revolution starts with the babies, the youth," Snoop says to XXL. "We gotta be conscience of the world we’re leaving behind for the kids, no matter where they’re from,"

The video is very emotionally stirring, especially in today's time where it seems like every month there is a person of color being killed or injured by officers sworn to protect. Director APLUSFILMZ, who shot the video for "Revolution," wanted to show how the people in power instill fear.

"We're based in L.A., so Snoop Dogg obviously represents the West Coast to us, but he's also an international icon," explains APLUSFILMZ. "He means something different to people all over, so we wanted to use his message to show the lives of two kids living in distant corners of the world. People in power have preyed on ignorance to create a culture of fear in this country. A fear of people we don't know, whose lives we don't understand. This video offers an honest perspective on how similar our lives are, no matter what country we come from."

Coolaid, a 20-track LP, includes guest features from artists including Jeremih, Wiz Khalifa, E-40 and Swizz Beatz. The project was released in June of 2016. Snoop's latest album, Neva Left, is out now.

Watch the video for "Revolution" below.

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