Hip-hop has thrived on competition since it's inception so when two artists come together as both collaborators and friends, it's another milestone in the culture. Look at Smoke DZA and Pete Rock, who recently teamed up for their joint album, Don't Smoke Rock. The rapper and producer mix business and friendship and it works to their advantage.

According to Rock, "we did what God called us to do with each other." Don't Smoke Rock is a culmination of DZA's witty wordplay and Rock's boom-bap soundscape. The fact that they weren't just two strangers recording together but rather longstanding boys is heard in the music. But getting in the studio is just one aspect of their friendship. They actually know more about each other than you think, which they showcase in XXL's Real Friends.

For the new episode of Real Friends (check out our previous segment with Fat Joe and Remy Ma), Smoke DZA and Pete's Rock's friendship is put to the test. The two artists are each asked a series of questions about the other to prove how much they pay attention to their likes and dislikes.

Who's Pete Rock's favorite rapper? What's one thing Smoke DZA can't stand about the music industry? Who's Pete Rock's favorite Marvel character? What is one thing Smoke DZA always has in the studio? Find out the answer to those questions and see how these two keep it all the way real in Real Friends.

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