Smino is making huge waves with his Swanita Tour to promote his recently released blkswn debut album and tons of big names in the game are taking notice. While hitting up Atlanta for his latest tour stop, the "Anita" rapper brought out T-Pain to surprise the crowd, where the rappa ternt sanga performed his 2008 smash hit "Chopped N Skrewed."

If you've been to a recent Smino show, then you know that the St. Louis native has been incorporating a cover of the T-Pain hit into his set list. Georgia fans got a special treat, as they were able to hear the song performed from the man who originally created it. While Smino was singing the first two lines of the song, he stopped the music to tell the crowd that he "needed to do this shit right" before bringing out the Tallahassee hitmaker to kill his surprise performance.

Fans also got another special treat, as they were able to hear Smino use auto-tune for the first time ever on stage for a live show.

"This is my first time using auto-tune live, and I feel great," he confessed to the crowd.

It's been a big year for the Missouri vocalist. Smino is amongst those fans can vote for in the 10th slot of the 2017 XXL Freshman class, which will be revealed this summer.

Watch T-Pain come out to Smino's Atlanta tour stop in the footage below to see them perform "Chopped N Skrewed" together.

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