Brooklyn's finest returns. On Friday (Feb. 2), Skyzoo dropped off his anticipated album, In Celebration of Us, a 15-track project featuring rich production and exactly the sort of top shelf lyricism we've come to expect from the rap veteran.

Skyzoo's latest, which follows the release of his Peddler Themes EP last June, finds the rapper exploring ideas like cultural appropriation, the erosive qualities of gentrification and police brutality. It's an existential field study of the world at large—it just happens to slap.

In Celebration of Us includes production from the likes of !llmind, Raheem Devaughn, Apollo Brown and more. This is far from the first time Skyzoo's teamed with Apollo.

You can now stream In Celebration of Us on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Check out the latest from Skyzoo below, and cop it on iTunes. 

Skyzoo’s In Celebration of Us Tracklist

1. "Everybody’s Fine"
2. "Sound Like…"
3. "Baker’s Dozen" Feat. Raheem Devaughn
4. "Crown Holder"
5. "Heirlooms & Accessories"
6. "Forever In A Day"
7. "Remembering The Rest (Interlude)" Feat. WordsNCurves
8. "The Purpose" Feat. Kay Cola
9. "Love is Love"
10. "Black Sambo"
11. "Parks & Recreation" Feat. Saba Abraha
12. "Collateral" Feat. Jake & Papa
13. "The Stick-Up Tape From 'Menace'"
14. "Hoodie SZN"
15. "Honor Amongst Thieves"

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First Generation Rich

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