Despite largely disappearing from the spotlight, Sean Kingston might now make a return--as a cautionary tale for artists eager to give up the passwords to their social media accounts. The Jamaican singer is making headlines for what many feel was a woefully insensitive Facebook post. It started with an inspirational story: Gavin Joseph, a recent high school graduate from Illinois, was beaten by a gang of bullies. Despite a concussion, a fractured nose and a badly blackened eye, Joseph to press charges, instead asking that his assailants watch a short video he made. The clip attempts to explain to the bullies--and to a broader audience--what it's like to live with Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder that can make social interaction difficult.

Joseph's story garnered a good deal of attention online, which is how it got onto the radar of whomever was running Sean Kingston's Facebook page. It was there that a post appeared, linking to Joseph's story, with the caption, “Tip of the day: If you start a fight, You better know how to fight or this will be happen! Pic#4 is insane! Ha!” Naturally, it was met with a wave of criticism. TMZ reached out to Kingston's camp, who claimed that his social media is run by an outside vendor. That vendor subsequently admitted to TMZ that they had not read the full article before posting it to Facebook, nor did they realize that the thumbnails were of a victim, rather than someone who started a fight. Kingston has apologized for the debacle, saying, "Just wanna apologize to Gavin and his family. It hurts.. Cause anyone and anybody that knows me know I'm far from that type of person. So from now on I'll post my own stuff.. Bless"

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