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From the graffiti and the pissy project hallways
To niggas hustling on the block setting up shop
Crack cocaine bottle of red tops
Youngins with the boom box letting they head bop
My vision was blurred like the TV that the niggas in the Feds watch
The hood is like a pitfall with corner Liq stores
You sell a brick soft you shoot a nigga
Get embraced by the big dogs
Its fucked up skinny niggas get picked on
Til they buff up don't lift weights lift .38's
Load the clip pull the truck up
I been through it sitting on the block in that tan Buick
KRS in the speakers equivalent to Nas' "Ether"
That was '85 I was six couldn't wait to get home
Sit in my father's lap and watch a Martin Scorsese flick
I'm from the old school these new school niggas bore me
Aint got shit for me should've been infuenced by Calvin Broadus, Nasir
Jones and Shawn Corey
I'm on the road to glory about time I done had...
I should've killed myself
Smoke that crack cocaine and swallowed all them pills myself
I'm a legend D.O.C. said it Hip-Hop is forever embedded
Inside my veins and I'm taking my credit


Game, I'm finding it harder for me to live with it
Thinking about getting on some religious shit
They say religion is for degenerates
But if the church take away the hurt
Then damn it I need to get in it
...Cause it got to be the devil
Its got us living probably below the poverty level
We can blame the white man but then why do we settle?
Collectively we can expect to see the lives in the ghetto
To be not forever facing just death as a revelation
We can get on pace if we better the education
Then make some real songs about more than just ballin' and big ice
Something to get 'em to think twice
I feel for those who felt they didn't need they rubbers
Now they teenage mothers
Care about the AIDS in Africa cause we they brothers
Regardless to how they portrayed I can see they love us
It brings...
To know that there's a whole f'in nation
Dying cause they can't afford medication
While we got the money to go to war
Not for something that was sure
But for shit that was strictly speculation

Dog I'm stressed out
Sometime I be thinking "God I'm ready to check out"
I aint lying I be ready to come see ya
It can't be worse then if I get caught with another heater
And I ride with those even tho' I been to jail 4 times with those
In these streets I done seen too much
Too many I love done got they fuckin' head bussed
You don't know pain
You don’t know about losing your life in a hurricane
Naw dog you don't know how it feel
To spend a weekend with a nigga ya dead or get killed
I done been through it all
Just think this whole Katrina did my city like a dog
I done been down but I'ma tell you what
I real nigga always find a way to get it done


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