RZA goes on Sway in the Morning for a length interview ranging various topics. Around the 16-minute mark, the Wu-Tang member says the broken criminal justice system is the most important problem facing America.

The 47-year-old says, "The criminal justice, in my opinion, and I've been personally saying it out loud ... That needs more correction than any part of our system. And it ain't just, you see what they're doing as far as arresting us, beating us on the head, killing unarmed citizens." RZA then dives into how many African-Americans are unfairly locked up for small amounts of marijuana, and then they're on the police's radar for the rest of their lives.

RZA draws from personal experience, saying that to this day, he can't re-enter the country without being handcuffed due to a late-1980s arrest for selling weed. The legendary musician makes a great point when he says that, nowadays, business is booming for legal weed sellers in nine states across the nation. However, African-Americans had the entrepreneurial idea to sell marijuana long ago, and instead of being rewarded, they were thrown in jail.

The interview also touches on other topics including the presidential election (RZA was pro-Hillary Clinton), RZA's upcoming film Coco with Azealia Banks, a new Wu-Tang album and much more. He remembers traveling the world when George W. Bush was president, and describes how non-Americans were hesitant to show love because he was from a country with an unpopular commander-in-chief. At the same time, RZA says that he got plenty of love from non-Americans overseas during President Obama's time in office.

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