On February 28th, at 7pm, the Guitar Center in Hollyood, CA will host "An Evening of Dialogue and Insight with The Rza." There will be panel discussions and tutorials at the event by none other than Bobby Digital himself. I imagine you can all air out your grievances with him for 8 Diagrams as well, but obviously that's not the goal here.

The big deal at the event will be the eight 8 Diagrams-inspired Roland MV-8800 machines that will be on sale that night. They're available on a first come, first serve basis and are priced at $5,999.99 each. Anyone who purchases a unit will receive and in-depth tutorial production session with Rza at a top studio. All machines come with extra RAM and the output option installed. And if you don't already have it, each machine will also contain “Get Them Out Ya Way Pa” from 8 Diagrams.

These MV's were designed by legendary electronics guru Bruce Forat and hand-painted by artist Trevor Carlton. I myself, recently had the opportunity to build with Bruce Forat via phone when I had to replace the screen on my original MPC2000. He walked me through the installation and then we chopped it up about everything hip-hop production related for two hours. If you haven't visited his website, please do so immediately, where you can see all the beautiful designs and customizations he's done for countless producers, artists, and assorted celebs. Any production-related issue, I'm sure he can help you with.

In talking about the MV-8800, Rza had this to say:

"If I'm in a setting like a hotel room with an MV-8000, just that alone and a mic, I could make a whole song. I think the 'Pro Tools' style of audio that it gives you, along with the 132 tracks of MIDI - what does that? Here, you got 132 channels of MIDI and its audio, potentially nine tracks of audio. And you can cut and paste like Pro Tools. You can plug it up to a monitor, use your mouse, use it like a computer. So those different approaches make it unique. When I was on the road with Wu-Tang last summer, if I wanted, according to the vibe, you know, to make a song, to rap and make a beat, I was able to do it, just like that, with the MV. I think that's going to be a plus for the producers. You got your laptops, you got your Pro Tools, you got all that, but on the Pro Tools, you're not getting that feel. You're not getting that real hip hop feel."

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