Here's why I fux with big Ruck...

Son is the realest cat you know. If he fux with you then you know that off top. If he don't fux with you then you know that from the gate as well. There ain't no pussyfoot sidetalk whisperface bullshit with this dude. Just realness.

In a business where you are supposed to appear wealthy even when you aren't Sean Price told his listener that he was the brokest rapper you know. Sean P isn't about fake imagery put in place for photo ops. Son is just real.

The word real is the most misused and abused word in the history of rap. Anything that claims reality is phoney and scripted. Sean Price is the opposite of all these rappers who wear a facade of wealth yest still ride the subway.

Look out for some really good Sean Price material to be floated on this page. From his new mixtape, Kimbo Price, which is some of the best rap I have heard all year because it reminds me totally of DOOM. To new video content, Boot Camp Clik will be getting LOTS of attention from me. I may even have to feature some tracks from 'Survival Skills'.

The Kimbo Price mixtape is a right cross to the jaw of any rapper wearing their underwear outside of their pants. Listen B, that shit is stupid, The Kimbo Price mixtape is a roundhouse kick in the gut of anyone who thought it was safe to come outside and play. The Kimbo Price mixtape is biting off your ear because you thought you heard all of these rhymes before.

Hold this video untl the Kimbo Price mixtape is ready to fly...