Roscoe Dash season is in full effect. Earlier today (Dec. 27), the "Yes's" rapper and songwriter launched a playlist challenge and dropped a 72-song new project called 5Thy5ive.

The new collection boasts a stellar list of big-name rappers. Among the contributors to the project include Wale, Chevy Woods, Trae The Truth, Troy Ave, K-Major, YoungBlacc, MikeyyMcFlyy, Beat King and more.

Roscoe, whose real name is Jeffery Lee Johnson Jr., told fans in the comments section of XXL's Instagram page that he wanted to release a project that had multiple "waves" on it for fans to enjoy. He elaborated on that idea in an email to XXL.

"With this project, I wanted people to do exactly what I did to create it; purge the old and bring in the new," said the former XXL Freshman. "This project is me releasing a part of my life I needed to give to the world in order to complete the next portion of life and music. I wanted to share that by allowing the consumer to have a hands on experience in this cultural shift. 'Throw out what doesn’t serve you and create what does' is the motive and use this as a stepping stone."

Dash continues, "It may be the largest urban project to date, but guess what? After this, someone else will become more creative and this moment in music will be 'the idea that sparked the next moment in music. 'There’s more sounds than one on this project, there’s more than one version of Roscoe Dash on this project, and there’s more than one way to listen to, release and consume music and life in its entirety. Be free!"

Check out the entirety of Roscoe Dash's new 5Thy5ive project for yourself below.

Roscoe Dash Statement
Roscoe Dash Via Instagram

Roscoe Dash's 5Thy5ive Playlist Tracklist

1. "Rubiks (Intro)"
2. "Diplo" featuring Kaliogo1way
3. "F.P.C."
4. "Hatin' Ass"
5. "New Atlanta" featuring Hayden Hendrix
6. "Cash Cow"
7. "Skit (Ain't No Fun)"
8. "Ye's"
9. "Skit (And Then)"
10."Then Again
11. "Go Head"
12. "Custom"
13. "Cornbread" featuring Chevy Woods
14. "Off Top"
15. "Rolling Stone"
16. "MMI"
17. "Bring 'em Out"
18. "Skit (Skrippin')"
19. "Seduction" featuring LilRonnyMothaF
20. "Ro Sham Bo"
21. "I Feel Great"
22. "Tear Drop$"
23. "Fire"
24. "Dope Man"
25. "Skit (Where da Dope)"
26. "Irs"
27. "HomeWrecker" featuring K-Major
28. "That Way"
29. "500K"
30. "One Wish"
31. "Still Sippin'"
32. "Skit" (Break It Down)
33. "TwerkSum'" featuring YoungBlacc
34. "Do It Bigg"
35. "Hold Up" featuring JbarFromThe90s
36. "You Don't Know My Name"
37. "A-B-She"
38. "G Thang"
39. "Skit" (Flowers)
40. "Dysfunctional" featuring K-Major
41. "Different Gurl"
42. "Alone"
43. "Do You Wanna featuring Lyrica Anderson
44. "Soon As"
45. "Drive in Movie"
46. "Skit" (She a Hoe)
47. "Bounce"
48. "Lay Up"
49. "Mood"
50. "Know Ya Type"
51. "$Romance"
52. "Like a King"
53. "Broadway"
54. "Cameo"
55. "I Don't Mind"
56. "Have It All"
57. "Skit" (I Realize)
58. "Million Buck$"
59. "Truth Be Told"
60. "Chillin'"
61. "Dumb Dumb" featuring G.O.
62. "Skit" (My S**t)
63. "Fleek"
64. "Squad" featuring MikeyyMcFlyy & Beat King
65. "Overload"
66. "Take It Off"
67. "Drapes"
68. "You Better"
69. "LimeLight featuring Sincerely Collins, Troy Ave & Reo Cragun
70. "Real N***a featuring Trae tha Truth
71. "The Goat"
72. "Another Day" (Outro)

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