Roc Marciano serves up a cold-blooded new visual for his equally chilly Rosebudd's Revenge cut, "No Smoke." You can peep the video for the song--which features a verse from Knowledge The Pirate--below.

"No Smoke" finds the Roc and Knowledge rapping some of the most convincingly grimy bars you'll ever hear in your life as they cruise over a lowkey instrumental. The video sees the two MCs torturing someone--either for information, or just as a prelude to the kill.

First up in the song is Knowledge The Pirate, who raps, "Let it fly then disappear like Houdini/Past the crime scene make sure his food was finished/Found his body laid on 129 and Lenox/Them hittas was out of town let 'em know who did it."

In the second verse of the track, Roc uses a vicious rhyme scheme for some imaginatively violent lyrics.

On the track, the "Marksmen" rapper spits, "Drivebys in Taurus SHO/Silent murders with the crossbow/Might blow this whole elbow, you fuckin' wit me? Hell no/Rain hail snow, I smell like coke/Might drop in ammo belts and coats/Kel-Tec's held close/The Colt 40 got the elephant nose/You already know how the other shit go."

With Roc and Knowledge's ice-cold bars and a lethally smooth instrumental that wouldn't have sounded out of place in American Gangster, the blood dripping from the top of their victim's head is the only real evidence of humanity the video offers--and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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