While California has been a hub for great hip-hop as a whole, San Diego, in particular, hasn't exactly been a rap factory in the past. Rob $tone is out to change that. The SD rapper recently dropped his new mixtape I'm Almost Ready.

The new project has 16 new tracks with guest appearances from Mitchy Slick, Spooks and Keely, Ca$hpassion, current XXL Freshman Denzel Curry and Cousin Stizz and D.R.A.M. on the "Chill Bill (Remix)."

For those unfamiliar, Rob caught a buzz back in 2014 with the original version of "Chill Bill" and has kept adding to his catalog with efforts like the 2015 project, Straight Bummin.’

The 21-year-old signed to RCA Records in April of this year. Now it's time to show and prove.

“I think my sound and my style is just me because I’m very diverse and vast with the music I listen to and my songs are all different," he told XXL last month referencing his diversity. "I got emotional stuff, I got bangers and I got chill wavy shit. It’s all over the place for me so I can’t really put a finger on it. I compared the most to Wiz Khalifa just because I’m so into weed and I rap about weed a lot. My whole vibe is just chill and I guess people get the same vibe from my music that they get from Wiz’s.”

Listen to I'm Almost Ready, below.

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