Stephen "Static" Garrett passed away on Monday. Although the official cause of death for the 33-year old Louisville, Kentucky-native isn't known at the time, I've read on a few other hip-hop sites that it was a brain aneurysm. My advice, consider this an unsolved mystery until a source more credible than a gossip blogger steps up with information.

Static was one of the members of the R&B trio Playa, which broke up pretty quickly after their debut album Cheers 2 U. He went on to work his songwriting magic on tracks like "Pony" for Ginuwine (remember that guy?), and "Are You That Someboy," "Try Again," and "Rock The Boat" for Aaliyah (remember her?). Over the years he also worked with Jamie Fox, Destiny's Child, Puff Daddy, and Pretty Ricky, among others.

In hip-hop though, he most notably wrote the hooks for Jay-Z's "Change The Game," and Nas' "You Owe Me." He was signed as an artist to Blackground Records at the time of his death and plans to release his forthcoming album, Suppertime, are set for later this year.

In any case, you'll hear his work on Lil Wayne's track, "Lollipop," which he wrote on and is also featured. It's the first official single from The Carter III.

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