RiFF RAFF released his Peach Panther album back in June and has been readying a cinematic compliment by the same name. He released the film's trailer on Twitter Monday (Dec. 26). The movie looks to be an action-comedy with the rapper playing a tuxedo wearing agent of sorts, trading in guns and money. Perez Hilton, Tommy Chong, Problem, and G Eazy will all appear, with the feature release coming fall of next year.

The rapper spoke to LA Weekly about the movie back in June, saying, “I know people get it, but there are those who want to say that just because I’m having fun or ‘funny’ that I’m not an artist...That doesn’t make sense. Whenever Jamie Foxx was on In Living Color and then you saw him sing, it didn’t take away from either of those things. I can’t change everyone’s perception of me, but I can change the quality of the work — and this album and movie are of undeniable quality.”

Oddly enough, the Peach Panther trailer uses Drake's "Energy" as its soundtrack just as Jamie Foxx's upcoming film Sleepless does. Back in October, RiFF RAFF dropped his Balloween mixtape with DJ Afterthought, releasing the video for the Skepta-featured "Back From the Dead" earlier this month. He as well announced plans to release a new album in June of 2017, potentially keeping with the color theme, dubbing himself the white Kanye West and hashtagging an Instagram post with #TheWhiteWest.

Catch the teaser trailer for the rapper's upcoming film above.

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