Riff Raff and the Delivery Boys! link up. Last Friday (May 11), the boys did some hardcore flexing with the Neon Icon when they unloaded a new track by the name of "Gucci Jacuzzi."

Featuring some bouncy synths, the NoTrust-produced cut finds each rapper talking their best talk as they slide across the beat. Riff Raff, of course, delivers  couplets filled with bizarre pairings that probably don't even exist. We expect nothing less from Riff Raff, whose cartoonish flexes are always quotable.

"No time to prove, don't get confused/I got a Gucci jacuzz, blueberry Jones, sipping platinum codeine/I done got too drunk, I fell asleep in limousines/Magenta on my stripes, because I smell like Fahrenheit/Had it up to here, imagine triple state salute, I could Babe Ruth" spits Riff Raff, who dropped off his Cool Blue Jewels album with DJ Afterthought earlier this year.

For their part, the Brooklyn-based Delivery Boys!, who've collabed with Rich The Kid in the past, each turn in bars that fit the beat humorous verses that, while not as cartoonish as Riff Raff's, still serve to build an eccentric track that slaps hard. Look for more from them in the near future.

Check out "Gucci Jacuzzi" for yourself below. Be on the lookout for Delivery Boys!

Delivery Boys! via SoundCloud
Delivery Boys! via SoundCloud

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