As the countdown to Rick Ross's Black Market nears it's end, the rapper goes through the requisite promo motions, sitting down with Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning. Around the 5-minute mark, Ebro asks Ross, who just released his Renzel Remixes mixtape, about his on-going beef with 50 Cent, specifically 50 saying he was planning to confront Ross over comments he made about 50's son seeking an internship with him.

“This situation is dead, it’s beneath me on a lot of levels,” Ross said in regard to the Instagram dust up. “I made that statement on IG and I meant it… it’s the truth and I meant it. And I’m still processing the application, and if you ever want to see Rozay you could book me. I’ll come to you mama house…I’ll bring Wingstop too. So for the 20th time, I never entertain that, you should never entertain that. Rozay ain't nobody you want to come see. That's just life.”

Ebro had initially suggested that due to Ross and 50 both having mixtapes to promote that the beef was perhaps fabricated. Ross assured that it was not, though it was clear in the clip above that he's over it.

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