Rich Homie Quan just can't stay away from controversy. The Atlanta rapper has caught heat for rapping about rape and sex with his cousin. You can now add using gay slurs and insulting his fellow Rich Gang member Young Thug to that list.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Rich Homie Quan is seen berating a fan at a concert in Tallahassee yesterday (Dec. 2). The fan was allegedly touching Quan, which provoked a homophobic rant to be thrown the fan's way.

“Get away from me," Quan tells the fan. "I don’t fuck with no fucking f*gs. Back your ass up, looking like Young Thug with your gay ass. Get the fuck away from me! I don't like sissies, n----a. I'ma knock your ass the fuck out bro. Get your gay ass back. Get way back."

While using gay slurs was bad enough, the tirade also ignited some unnecessary tension with Young Thug. Quan recently hinted that Rich Gang would make its return, but an incident like this clearly puts that into question. Thug seemed to take the slight in stride as he tweeted the following posts earlier today (Dec. 3).