Yesterday afternoon (Dec. 11) a bunch of new Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug songs leaked onto the web. Leaks aren't anything new in hip-hop—Nicki Minaj's album The Pinkprint leaked yesterday also—and it's probably not going away any time in the foreseeable future. Nine songs were leaked on the web and compiled into what some believed to be cuts off of Rich Gang 2, which Birdman announced back in November. XXL recently caught up with Rich Homie Quan, who said that he doesn't know how the leak happened but that it makes him want to work harder.

"I don’t know how it's happening but it happened," Quan said. "I was mad at first but at the same time it makes me want to go harder. I take music so serious, every song I got. It really hurt, bro. Who to say I wasn’t going to sell any of those songs? If I was going to sell it, you messed up any chance I had. That’s how I provide for my family. But at the same time, if you want it, get it. I’m going to go harder; you took it, now I’m going to give you something you’re going to want to buy. I’m going to lock my music down three times harder."

The nine songs that leaked were rumored to be cuts from Rich Gang 2, but RHQ insists that they were just some loosies that he and Thug had recorded. "Naw, that was just a lot of songs just put together and [people] called it that," he said. "I’m not really tripping. I was mad about the Drake song leaking, but whatever. This is what I do. If you get too mad, you probably don't have no more heat. But when it's what you do, just go back to the drawing board. That’s what I’m going to do."

The Drake song he's referring to is the highly anticipated Quan and Drizzy collaboration titled "Tell Me Why," which the 2014 XXL Freshmen class member had been hinting at prior to it leaking yesterday. "Tell Me Why" was another Rich Homie Quan collab that could have possibly been the next big club banger in his catalog. But after the leak, it seems like Quan has no desire to use any of the nine songs on any project he has going forward.

"Before you drop a project you want to make sure you have videos," Quan explained to XXL. "You want to make sure everything is lined up the proper way. Now, if you leak someone's music without them knowing, it's hard to really get a grip on it. You don’t know what route you want to go. Who to say one of those songs couldn't be the next hit?"