Cash Money (even a Wayne-less version) is an army, better yet a navy. But it's also comprised of real people with friends and family, and sometimes reality is bleak and life isn't like the "Ha" video.

Rich Homie Quan, while not technically signed to Baby's car trunk-born empire, has been a fixture with the team lately. He and Young Thug's The Tour, Pt. 1 mixtape rattled skulls and linguistics lectures all this year, and as he revealed on Sway In The Morning, his first studio EP is due at the top of 2015. Yet his thoughts, first and foremost, are with his family.

"I almost thought about giving up rap for a moment," says Quan. "My uncle got shot this year. My dad got shot this year--he's still in the hospital. My mother's in the hospital now. I just lost my grandmother a week ago. All of that within, like, six months." Quan's mother was the victim of a poorly-planned surgery; his father was shot six times during a botched robbery. But he can't stop (going in), he explains. "Music is the only way I can express myself."

The tumult has given the "Type Of Way" rapper a new-found perspective, and he imparts some wisdom to Sway and the gang. "What I've learned the most is: Save your money. Save. Your. Money." He learned this the hard way, he says, after his father gave him a chin check about finances early on. "Secondly," adds Quan, "your circle should be small; surround yourself with people who have genuine love for you and want to see you win." He goes on: "I want them to be able to tell me 'no'."

Quan goes on to quell the rumors of a relationship between he and Young Thug; he also assures Sway his perimeter game is deadly.