Bay Area rapper Rexx Life Raj has been dropping music consistently, and his new video continues the trend. His latest is "Not My Friend," an upbeat and colorful video about how things change when you taste success.

The bright video, directed by David Dutton, takes place in a beautiful living room, as people swirl around Raj. They don't notice him singing, just as he doesn't pay attention to them leaving him. The visual ends as Raj is all alone, and freezes in the frame.

The lyrics of the song match the title pretty closely. "I look around see my friendships/Dwindling in the wind, ’bout to fall down," he admits. "Pick the phone up, put the phone down/Pick the phone up, who I call now." Even with things going south, he decides to take the good with the bad: "The universe give and it take, it's given me a lot of shit/I guess it's just a consequence/Roll up my dope when I'm on the edge again/My girlfriend be trippin', I never let her in."

Last November, Rexx dropped his album, Father Figure 2: Flourish, which included the single, "Forever Lit" featuring G-Eazy. Rexx also appeared on Mozzy's "Tomorrow Ain't Promised," along with Boosie Badazz and E Mozzy.

In 2017, Rexx Life Rajj also spoke to XXL about what he has planned for his career. "I guess my goal is to continue putting out music in the most genuine fashion, with hopes that it inspires people and motivates people to do whatever they’re doing, or at least to know it’s cool to be yourself," he said. "But I don’t have a monetary goal like, Oh, I need $10 million dollars. All that shit’s for the birds."

Check out Rexx Life Raj's "Not My Friend" video below.

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