Rejjie Snow is back with a brand new track called "D.R.U.G.S." produced by Rahki. It has been a few months since Snow released his "Keep Your Head Up" single, so this is a welcomed return.

The Irish rapper's latest creation sees him exploring the use of drugs as well as the drug-like effects that love can have on you. The song is hopefully a sign that Rejjie Snow is closer to release his debut LP which has been in the works for three years. Snow's project could help him achieve his goal of putting Ireland on the hip-hop map.

"[My goal] is to bring a new sound and show all these kids out here with dreams that you can really do what you wanna do," Snow told XXL. "I also wanna put my tiny island on the map and scrap this bullshit stereotype that exists and just generally inspire and leave a legacy."

Rejjie Snow has a chance to do so with his unique style. The Dublin City native said he was influenced by all types of music as well as a notable English poet.

"I was introduced to the work of Richard Aldington, who is a fantastic poet, by my grandad when I was like 10, and that bared a massive influence on me," Snow said. "I stumbled across some of the greats like Nas as I got a tad bit older. The fact that I enjoyed albums such as Illmatic and not the dull mainstream filth that’s shoved down your mouth is something I feel is cool when I look back on my youth."

Rejjie Snow's album may still be in limbo, but at least fans have "D.R.U.G.S." to listen to now. Check it out above.

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