I can normally blame white for most of the shit on this planet that is fucked the fuck up. Let's face it, colonialism is a beast. It has definitely ruined some cool shit. On the other hand, without colonialism and supremacy Africans might still be wearing loinclothes and living in grass huts. So I guess there is a give and take to be recognized.

There is some shit going on now in the U.S. that I can't blame the white for. Okay, I can blame white, but that doesn't stem the tide of insanity so at the end of the day it doesn't help me if I throw white under the bus. Read this 'deadly business' article from the Wall Street Journal...

This shit is fucking bananas. Shooting up a funeral is a total breakdown of our civilization. It's bad enough that people don't respect life, but when people can no longer honor death we have devolved as a species. I don't care what popular culture media touts these acts, whether it be a 'Godfather' movie or some lowest common denominator rap music, this shit has to be stopped. Shake my head to the idea of a funeral director forced to carry a concealed weapon.

What happened to the sanctity of niggas in suits? A funeral might be the only day you see a motherfucker's actual hairline because he finally took off his du-rag. This might be the only time a motherfucker wears some pants that his drawls don't stick out above. BTW, I think that the trend of dudes wearing jeans under their asses is not only some feminizing shit, but these lil' niggas can't even run anymore. I saw a group of high schoolers waddling to catch a bus and I had to LOL. These fools is walking around like bitchmade penguins.

Shout out to the south again for leading the nation in funerals that have been interrupted by gunfire
. It's ultimately poverty that causes these people to be so mis-educated and without a plan for the future that allows them to think that killing someone at a funeral is progressive problem solving. I don't blame rap music despite the lyrics from some artists which tout these actions. Rap music isn't that creative or courageous to shoot up a funeral.

Collecting guns is part of the rapper's fantasy lifestyle, but how many rappers arrested with guns in their possession over the last year even had bullets in them? The answer would be zero. These niggas is using guns as fucking paperweights. Even my employer, Harris Publications makes a grip off promoting gun violence. How can young people NOT get caught up in the notion that equates manhood with firearms? They are attracted to the violence our society praises in cinema and in real life over in the desert. How many fools have been merc'ked for no money down in Iraq? And now BlackwaterUSA has had their U.S. government contract renewed?!?

The worst trend that the Wall Street Journal article highlighted is the fact that there are now more Blacks being murdered in the U.S. overall than white. If blacks and whites represented the same numbers of the population then we could shrug our shoulders to this info, but because Blacks comprise roughly 13%? of the U.S. population compared to 67%? for the white you can see that one group loses a larger percentage of their overall when you consider the numbers.

I don't blame rap music for the fact that Blacks are getting merc'ked like Iraqi insurgents and funerals are getting shot the fuck up. I'm pretty sure this is some plan of someone out there making money from the sale of rap music AND firearms.