While some of us were binging on Netflix or shoveling out cars after Juno, the Northeast’s first major snowstorm of 2015, these hip-hop stars were unburdened and unbothered by winter’s wrath.

R&B star Eric Bellinger had already escaped to the tropical paradise of Turks & Caicos before the blizzard even started and was busy jumping off yachts by the time we were dusting off our windshields. Dej Loaf, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and the rest of MMG were stateside in Miami celebrating life above 32 degrees. Tracy T was literally dancing in sunshine. And with Riff Raff touring America’s southland, the front row of screaming girls at his concerts easily drown out any thoughts of freezing temps. Either way, these rap stars have been making the most of their warmer surroundings and have been posting the IG pics to prove it. Notice the abundant smiles and total lack of snow in these photos. It almost seems as if winter is worlds away.

But instead of getting envious, let these pics serve as a little reminder that this time of year doesn’t have to be so bad… if you’ve got the frequent flyer miles to avoid it.


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How Can I Complain?

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