Breakout: "8MM"

Also Check: "Feel Alive"

And: "Graveyard Shift" (Produced by 9th Wonder)

Name: Metermaids.

Reppin': Brooklyn, New York.

Our Style and/or Skills Have Been Compared To: The Beastie Boys.

We Started Rapping: Sometime in 1996.

Our Standout Records and/or Moments Have Been: Signing to Strange Famous Records.

We're Gonna Change The Game By: Bringing genuinely different and honest music that's not tied down to the pretense of what hip-hop can or should be.

Our Goal In Hip-Hop Is: To have fun making music with our friends.

We'd Like To Work With: Everybody in the Strange Famous family.

We're Gonna Be The Next: Simon and Garfunkle. Of rap.

To Check Out More Of Our Music You Can Go To: Our site, Strange Famous Records or Twitter.