“Sick and tired of the bullshit, now I’m fed up,” spits Young Jeezy to open his latest care package for the streets, Its Tha World. Just like how he opened up last year's acclaimed DJ Drama-hosted, pre-TM: 103 series The Real is Back, Jizzle once again finds himself having to shun his foes—who have been multiplying as of late. But that’s become common protocol for “El Jefe.” “Niggas trying to take your spot and you know they gon’ try/You ain’t gotta say a word, ’cause them numbers don’t lie…,” he exclaims on the Lody-produced cut, one that perfectly sets the mood for Young’s 17-track mixtape. “I ain’t trippin,’ I’m just focused…that’s the way its gon’ be/Won’t be happy ’til I’m in the same place as Max B.

Carrying the same rollick that’s fed many of his past intros, whether on mixtapes and/or albums, Da Snowman comes in bearing plenty of gifts. Whether it’s on Jahlil Beats’ droptop-friendly “Knob Broke” (“I see these niggas is faking, so ima be realistic/I’ma stay sucker free, that’s right I’m gon’ keep my distance”), or when he’s getting comfortable on “How It Feel,” the mixtape unwinds as a potent offering of Jeezy’s street epithets sprinkled over block-booming production.

However, there are moments when the beats don’t match up to the sermons, leaving the ’tapes overall cohesiveness in shambles. The DJ Mustard-produced “R.I.P.” (w/ 2 Chainz) is an example, as it comes off more lackluster than it appears on paper— especially as it sits between the more tranquil “Escobar” and “Just Got Word.” The beats (“Too Many Commas,” “Evil”) are not at fault. They just don’t quite fit the bill compared to gems pocketed on past ’tapes like Trappin’ Ain’t Dead or even the last year's Real Is Back series.

Albeit, Its Tha World serves as another batch of solid offering for the man whose become Public Enemy #1 as of late. No worries though, as he puts it on “Damn Liar,” “[It’ll] be a cold day in hell before they melt me.”

Snow doubt.—Ralph Bristout (@RalphieBlackmon)