You have to tip ya fitted to Snoop Dogg for keeping his name on people’s lips for more than a decade and change. Even if his name isn’t mentioned in the Top 10 dead or alive, he keeps ringing bells. After all the controversy, beefs, threats and duds he’s dropped, he’s still one of the most respected and well known rappers on the scene. Just think about it. Of all the rappers that were hot at the same time as Snoop was when he dropped Doggy Style, how many are still even thought about nowadays? Two? Maybe three? Snoop was able to keep his head above the rising tide and is the captain of his own boat now.

In his videos, or in real life, he’s been known to clown around and have fun with the industry. This Landy & Egg Nog is just another example as to why Snoop is who he is. I mean how many rappers out there would put out a Christmas song, much less a whole Christmas mixtape? Run-D.M.C? This ain’t the 80s anymore. But Snoop and his friends done did it and took the time to craft a mixtape based on their thoughts and experiences on Christmas in the hood.

Now obviously Snoop is not killing rhymes like he was in his Doggy Style days (Before the ghost writers when he used to write his own rhymes), but he’s not garbage either. Yes, his flow has slowed down to the point that you’d think it was already chopped and screwed. And lyrically, well, you tell me what you think about what he said on “Look Out”:

Cause the hood that I come from don’t believe in no Santa Clause/mama was Santa Clause/my mama was Santa, dawg/and I love her to death despite I might not get what I’ve been needing long as I’m breathing/ see, cause she taught me about life and that’s a trip/as long as you’re living on Christmas than that’s your gift/how ‘bout that? Nah, homie, how ‘bout this: see, cause I’ma put you on my X-mas list…” It’s real talk, but is as simple as I’ve heard Snoop spit. And he was pretty damn simple on “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

But it wasn’t an all Snoop mixtape. Not by far. Halfdead, Daz, Kurupt (His Smokin Xmas Trees was type weak), Nate, Damani (He killed it on “Everyday is Like Xmas to Me) and Magic Don Juan all appear on the mixtape. But I was kind of confused with “Xmas with DPG’s.” Who the hell was rapping?? It didn’t sound like Daz or Kurupt. I know it sure as hell wasn’t Snoop.

This mixtape wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good. It was kinda wack if it wasn’t mediocre. From the hook on “Just Like X-Mas” (Which was probably the most creative song on the mixtape) to the simple as minute rice beats used on joints like “A New Xmas,” “Landy In My Egg Nog,” and “A Pimps Xmas,” this Christmas mixtape really should’ve just been the soundtrack to Friday After Next. Another mediocre yet somewhat entertaining project.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: "Just Like Xmas"

Weakest Joint: "A Pimps Xmas"