Producer Ronny J has teamed up with Def Jam to launch his own record label, Listen Up Forever, and for his first signing to the label, the producer has decided to stay local and ink Florida rapper Leavemealone to the imprint. On Friday (July 20), Leavemealone debuts his new songs "Face" and "No Smoke" with XXL.

Produced by Ronny J, both songs are full of the beat maker's heavy bass and distorted sound. On "Face," LMA spits over the slow, thumping beat, "I be moving weight and they hate, aye/Fuck a bank account, I need it all today, aye/Say you need me but I've yet to see a face, aye/Workin' day and night, I know I'm in a race, aye."

On "No Smoke," the Florida rhymer takes aim at his haters, rapping, "All I really wanna do is make my bands/All I really wanna do is take your bands/She just wanna go ahead and shake that ass/'Cause she really know a nigga got that class."

When asked what inspired his new songs, Leavemealone said there wasn't an exact inspiration but his drive and dedication led him to recording the tracks. "If anything honestly I brought in dedication for my label, and I attempted to do the best for Ronny," he told XXL. "We're escalating and going up together, and I'm bettering my self always for the team. We wanna bring some fire for everyone and especially the youth."

Leavemealone also can't pinpoint his musical style but did say he's trying to explore all genres of music. "I can take what people listen to today and add my own twist," he said. "And I'm not here for competition or to be better than anyone, I'm here to express myself through my music and that's all. And I'm thankful I've been given the chance to do so."

Ronny J, who has produced for XXXTentacion, Denzel Curry and more, also praised the rapper, telling XXL, "I signed Leavemealone because I seen the leader and musical capabilities in him as far as being so diverse more than most artist."

The producer went on to add, "Leavemealone isn’t one to do stupid things for attention, but he’s himself and always himself in all environments, which I respect. He knows what he wants. I haven’t seen or felt the excitement of working with an artist since [XXXTentacion]. Leavemealone will do great things."

Listen to "Face" and "No Smoke" below.

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