Vic Mensa has been flexing his freestyle abilities throughout 2016. It seems the Chicago rapper wanted to get one more in before the end of the year. Vic borrows the instrumental from Twenty One Pilots' "Heathens" to show off his latest bars. The talented MC uses this new freestyle to reflect on his arduous journey to success.

"Grew up around heathens, the streets made us Tarzans/Slanging Mary Jane, swanging out a mini van/Banana clips for gorillas and cold killers/Percy Miller black car got no limits/It wasn't always this was, I can attest/To nights I carried lead 'case a nigga wanna test/Number two can puncture you, better wear a vest/I be packing like a Lunchable, we live in constant threat/My history is filled with a long list of regrets/Looking back at my past, doing this victory lap/Surprised I made it, young eyes grown jaded/Since they killed my brother dead, wonder why I be faded," Vic raps.

Vic spent a lot of this year pushing for people to get out and vote. Although he was not happy with Donald Trump's election victory, the Roc Nation artist believes it was necessary.

“I was in Atlanta working with The-Dream on some things,” he wrote in an essay about Trump's win. “I had to remind myself that this wasn’t my election to win or lose. Then, when I woke up in the morning, I realized that this had to happen because we’ve been pacified by having Barack [Obama] in office. That pacification would have only continued by having Hillary elected.”

Trump's victory has done nothing to stop Vic's fight for justice. Just a few weeks ago, he traveled to Standing Rock to protest the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

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