Your favorite singer's favorite writer is back with a new EP, The-Dream releasing Love You to Death today. The five-track project is featureless, though Rihanna figures to have had some influence on "Rih-Flex," a track that had the subtitle "(Ode to Rihanna)" when Dream shared the tracklist earlier this week.

The EP, Dream's first release since his visual album Genesis in January, does what most effective Dream projects do in exploring the more nuanced aspects of relationships and love. On "Lemon Lean," Dream is drunk on love, though the object of his affection says she doesn't need him; he's "in knee deep" regardless.

On "Madness" meanwhile, he grapples with the reality that the reconciliation he seeks, may just be a fantasy. “This is ultra super random/But I want to know if you’re busy tonight/Girl we like Susan Sarandon/Girl we go back, let’s go back like old times/Then she say she ain’t in Atlanta/And then she killed a nigga with a text that read/It would have gotten better if you stayed with me/That’s it, I know it’s gone,” he sings, his hopes fluctuating with each passing line.

Listen to Dream's Love You to Death EP below courtesy of Spotify. There remains an expectation that the singer will drop a new album at the top of next year, Dream saying in September, “I’m finished with a new album. There’s an incredible song that me and Rick Ross did on the album. I think people are going to love it. I may put out a new EP before that but the new album will be slated at the top of [next] year.”

The-Dream’s Love You to Death tracklist

1. “Lemon Lean”
2. “College Daze”
3. “Rih-Flex”
4. “Madness”
5. “Ferris Wheel”

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