Run The Jewels fans, rejoice: the group's highly anticipated new album RTJ3 is slated to drop Jan. 13 in North America and Jan. 20 internationally. Today (Dec. 1) Killer Mike and El-P unveil the project's tracklist and deliver a new single called "Legend Has It."

RTJ3 will consist of 14 tracks with guest features from Joi Gilliam, Danny Brown, Tunde Adebimpe, BOOTS, Trina and Kamasi Washington. You can view the entire RTJ3 tracklist below, and you can pre-order the album right here.

Additionally, you can listen to the new single below via SoundCloud. "Legend Has It" is the third RTJ3 single released thus far. A few weeks ago, Killer Mike and El-P dropped "2100" in response to Donald Trump's presidential election victory. Prior to that, they released the politically charged song "Talk To Me."

Above, you'll find the official album artwork. "For us, the RTJ1 hands were about 'taking what's yours' - your world, your life, your attitude," Killer Mike and El-P state via e-mail. "The RTJ2 hands were wrapped in bandages, signifying injury and healing, which for us represented the growth in ideas and tone of that album. For RTJ3 the bandages are off, the chain is gone and the hands have been transformed into gold. For us this represents the idea that there is nothing to take that exists outside of yourself. You are the jewel."

Run The Jewels' RTJ3 Tracklist

1. "Down" Feat. Joi Gilliam
2. "Talk To Me"
3. "Legend Has It"
4. "Call Ticketron"
5. "Hey Kids (Bumaye)" Feat. Danny Brown
6. "Stay Gold"
7. "Don't Get Captured"
8. "Thieves! (Screamed the Ghost)" Feat. Tunde Adebimpe
9. "2100" Feat. BOOTS
10. "Panther Like a Panther (Miracle Mix)" Feat. Trina
11. "Everybody Stay Calm"
12. "Oh Mama"
13. "Thursday in the Danger Room" Feat. Kamasi Washington
14. "Report to the Shareholders/Kill Your Masters"

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