Never one to miss a business opportunity, Master P releases a new single titled “Sugar Skull Rum” to promote his new line of premium rum. The Ice Cream Man is never not hustling. “Being unique, different… is just thinking out of the box,” P says. The party anthem is just as bright and loud as the bottle artwork for the liquor. Let's hope “Sugar Skull Rum” — the drink and the song — make their way into clubs.

Master P has been very busy business-wise. He’ll be releasing his own line of legal cannabis and vape products called Master P’s Trees. It will consists of a “complete lifestyle including all the Master P OG flower strains and edibles, and now, it’s also focused on turning green into liquid gold by revolutionizing the vape trend.”

The No Limit Forever head also recently announced that he plans on releasing his own video game. The game will be called Get Money and it will be available for Playstation, Xbox, PC and in the Apple apps store. Get Money will be modeled after Grand Theft Auto series and it will be set in New Orleans. Players can either choose to play a as villain, hustler, cop, boss, or entertainer trying to stack as much paper as possible.

Earlier this year XXL spoke to the “Bout It, Bout It” MC about the early days of No Limit, his past problems with Pimp C, accusations of stealing ideas for hit records and a ton more.

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