Future's got a new song called "Buy Love" and decided the proper way to introduce it would be a VHS-style visual. The music video creates its old school aesthetic with some grainy footage, static cuts and a standard definition aspect ratio. It certainly is an interesting choice for the song, which sees Future back in love ballad mode.

"Tender when you taste, girl you spiteful/Pissing out this Ace like Franklin/Had a dream I woke up to a diva/Tasting pink molly like it's Easter/Let me go, I'm going to the Oscar's/We made a film last year, got me popular/I keep my ego cocking, I keep that Glock cocking/I got these ice drops, can't let the ice stop/Piling up these hundreds like ooh/I don't know where our love begun/Got you running, running with my tongue/Open you up, let it cum," Future croons.

The new release comes on the heels of Future's fourth annual FreeWishes Foundation Winter Wishland, which took place on Dec. 18. The event was designed to provide young people in the community of Kirkwood and its surrounding areas with the joy and love of the holiday season. The event provided food, music, games and gifts for children between the ages of 2 and 18.

Future has definitely been in the giving mood during the holidays. The "March Madness" artist donated $25,000 to the United Negro College Fund while he attended the 33rd Annual Mayor's Masked Ball just two weeks ago.

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