Young Thug's "Do It By Myself" hit the web back in March. Months later, the Atlanta rapper has given it a proper release. The Rule Da Messiah-assisted track is an entertaining cut, which sees Young Thug in top form.

"Hand me that molly, hand me that molly/I'm sneaking, I'm lookin' mischevious/These bitches gon' show me they bodies/And they not strippers, they asses so real, Tempur-pedic/Pop one, pop two, then I go trident/Then I'ma fuck that lil' bitch, it sound like someone knocking/I'm covered in green like a goblin/And I fly round this lil' bitch like I know they can't stop me," Thugger raps on the opening verse.

XXL recently chopped it up with Young Thug for its fall cover story, and the MC talked about the power of speaking things into existence. The 300 Entertainment artist recalled some instances where it has come true in his own life.

"I’m big on speaking shit into existence," he said. "I had to learn not to say stuff like, ‘If I go to prison, I’ma still be…’ Know what I’m saying? I had to learn to back away from that type of stuff and gang bangin’ because I feel like I really speak so much stuff into existence. And sometimes I forget. Sometimes it be in my old music. I be like, What the fuck? I really was like, ‘Next year I’m going to have rings on every finger’ and the next year, I really got rings on every finger. But yeah, I’m big on it. It affects my life so, so much. So much.”

Make sure to check out XXL's interview with Young Thug if you have not already. The YSL Records founder touches on his relationship with Gucci Mane and his decision to move away from the Young Thug moniker.

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