Chicago's got another experimental upstart on their hands with Supa Bwe.The 26-year-old musician drops his latest track "New Goddess" (Nov. 11). Over a rippling violin melody, Supa switches between rapping and crooning to his "new goddess."

"Business been boomin'/Roll up, keep movin'/Back to the movement/When I keep joogin'," raps Bwe in the first verse.

"New Goddess" is the latest addition to Bwe's "Goddess" series. Previous tracks have been titled "Pot Goddess" and "Moon Goddess." You get the picture.

Some people are just now getting acquainted with Bwe thanks to a cosign from a fellow Chi-town rapper. Bwe tapped Chance The Rapper earlier this year for the collab called "Fool Wit It Freestyle" off Bwe's Dead Again 3 mixtape. The Windy City natives clearly vibed out in the studio for what proved to be a tranquil meeting of the rap minds.

When XXL caught up with the rapper/producer/engineer while he was in NYC, Bwe already had a plan of action in place for where he's taking his budding music career.

“I want to be a more establish PartyNextDoor," said Bwe. "He’s low-key probably out here writing a lot of hits for people. A lot of Drake’s sauce comes from him. I think someone like him who’s carving hits and don’t necessarily have to be in the lime light and can still make his stuff on the side. I just want to kind of get mine and control shit from behind the scene... All I can do is work until every song hits."

Check out if Bwe's got a hit on his hands with "New Goddess" above.

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