Rick Ross is ready to shoot his shot, as the Bawse drops his latest track "Kyrie."

Rozay is back in kingpin mode, while also shouting out the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard. "Bitches screaming for me like Beyonce/Work, jumping out the gym like it's Lebron James/This other type of money even make me nervous/I'm standing out the roof, jersey Kyrie Irving," the Maybach Music Group head honcho raps on the chorus.

He continues the drug lord talk on the verses, spitting, "I wanna build a mansion in Port-Au-Prince/Speaking creole with all of my Haitian friends/Kilos for the low if Bahamas the rout/Everything is diamond, cake up in a drought/I'm breezing through the beats, shout my nigga Pauchillo/Dave Grubman in the building, toast like the Goodfellas/20 million, baby that's my water bill/Got Puffy on the phone talking a quarter bil/Piece of honey now I'm talking Taco Bell/Youngest nigga in the US with 100 mill."

Ross seems to be getting back in music mode, but has some outside issues he needs to attend to. Besides his ongoing legal problems, Rozay was recently hit with a $5.7 million tax lien. The Miami MC is putting the blame for the massive bill on his former accountant.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to experience financial success on a large scale through both my music career and my many business ventures," he wrote in a statement about his financial woes. "With this type of financial success comes financial responsibility. As artists we are blessed to be able to make money, but on the same note, are held accountable for our federal tax obligations just like everyone else. I am fully aware of my current dealings with the IRS. This issue arose from an incorrect filing by a prior accountant for the 2012 tax year. My new team of accountants have corrected the prior filing, and as anyone who has dealt with the IRS understands, it is a process."

Listen to "Kyrie," above.

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