Young M.A.'s "OOOUUU" is one of the hottest songs of 2016. Plenty of rappers have put their spin on the track, and that trend is not over yet. Montana of 300, who is no stranger to remixing popular records, is the latest to tackle the hit single.

Montana admits he's not even a fan of the beat, but his fans asked him to do it. The Chicago rapper still manages to drop some crazy bars despite his distate for the production.

"Shawty got that fire head that's a specialty/Head down between my legs, OOOUUU, pedigree/KP just called said he got another check for me/Like why you keep on sonning them, I should get a vasectomy//Flow heavenly, G.O.D. keep on blessing me," Montana raps.

Earlier this year, Montana spoke to XXL about his mindset when creating a remix. The "Angel With an Uzi" MC explained how his approach differs from when he's creating an original song.

"When I do my remixes, those are made to crush every other remix," Montana said. "That’s my objective, so it’s like I’m doing some crazy digging from all over everywhere. That’s what makes you lyrical — when you can put any off-the-wall thing into your music and have it make sense. You’ve got to think out of the box, as opposed to some of my original songs where I have a certain concept that I’m trying to paint the picture for."

If you want to hear more of Montana's original work, make sure to check out his Fire in the Church album. The LP is a great showcase for not only his lyrical prowess, but also his songwriting ability.

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