MistaRogers and Atlanta duo TK N Cash team up for TM88-produced title track "Expensive Taste" off Mista's upcoming EP. TK N Cash add their signature flare and style to the single while meshing seamlessly with MistaRogers. Aside from containing production exclusively from TM88, the Ohio rapper' impending project will also feature contributions from Jadakiss, Leeb Godchild and Tory Lanez.

TK N Cash tells XXL that they originally got put onto “MistaRogers” through TM88. “TM88 told us he was working with this artist out of Ohio that was super dope, and they had a whole project together," they said. "So we linked up in LA with TM and MistaRogers and got in the studio and instantly made a classic, next thing you know we out there shooting the video. We came up with the concept of "Expensive Taste" because life is all about splurging, because if you aren’t having fun in life and going all out then you’re doing it wrong.”

The upcoming midwest MC has been a tear as of late with the release of new music including his Jadakiss-featured single "I Wanna Be The Man" and his knocking solo single "Ice-T." Bump "Expensive Taste" below and be on the lookout for the video dropping soon.

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