Sean Garrett taps Lil Yachty for the new single "Look on Your Face."

The track is a slow burn that finds Garrett lamenting about his love for his lady, despite his struggle to stay monogamous.

“I know I’m doing you wrong/That’s why I buy everything that you put on/That don’t make it right,” Boat raps.

Yachty has been in the news lately more so for beef and controversial statements than music. A couple weeks back, a beef between him and Soulja Boy went public, after the latter tried to put Lil Boat on front street for addressing him over a woman that neither one of them appeared to be dating. A back-and-forth ensued, which ended with Yachty exposing a phone call of SB waving the white flag.

Soulja has since removed Yachty from a group project they were slated to appear on together alongside Lil B.

Yachty recently noted in an interview that he thought The Notorious B.I.G. was overrated, which had the Internet going nuts.

As for his next project, his debut, which is set to drop in December, the Atlanta rapper recently gave an update saying, “I have so many amazing songs that we never put out. But we’ve been on tour, and I keep trying to record on tour but I keep losing my voice. And it’s just hard for me to record, 100 percent. So once I get off tour on the 18th, we’re really just gonna lock in and just start completely fresh. So there’s no songs: we’re really just gonna make it in three or four weeks.”

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