Kevin Abstract is back with new music. He premiered "Yellow" on Beats 1 the other day (Nov. 2) and now he's officially released that song, along with "Miserable America." Listen to them both below.

The feel good record "Yellow" is the definition of carefree. It features Abstract crooning about building a sand castle for no reason, love, yellow trees. If you close your eyes and listen to this new track, it feels like your in a scene from American Honey.

"If the trees were yellow/That could cure my heartbreak/Memories fade I let go/Just to give the clouds a break," sings the K.A.

"Miserable America" is brillant. The first few bars off the tap will instantly pull you in. "My boyfriend saved me, my mother's homophobic/I'm stuck in the closet, I'm so claustrophobic/I just want help if, my best friend's racist/My mother's homophobic, I'm stuck in the closet/I'm still claustrophobic, I just wanna know shit/Well we all love Young Thug."

"Yellow" and "Miserable America" are off of his upcoming album American Boyfriend, which drops Nov. 18. The tracklist contains 16 tracks with zero features. He released the music video for his previous single “Empty” in September. Listen to "Yellow" above.

Kevin Abstract’s American Boyfriend Tracklist
1. “Empty”
2. “Seventeen”
3. “Blink”
4. “Friendship”
5. “Tattoo.”
6. “Yellow”
7. “Suburbian Born”
8. “Kin”
9. “Runner”
10. “Flintridge”
11. “Papercut”
12. “June 29th”
13. “Miserable America”
14. “American Boyfriend”
15. “Echo”
16. “I Do (End Credits)”

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