Juelz Santana is back with new music. He releases "Up In The Studio Gettin' Blown (Freestyle)," showing off that his lyrical skills hasn't dulled at all. It's classic Juelz and it will make fans thirsty for music. The witty bars and double entendres are plentiful.

"Aint talkin’ weed when I tell my niggas blow smoke/Aint talkin’ rain when I say “yo get your clothes soaked”/Watch my name when you rap, might get your throat choke/Might tell your bitch to come over get these slow pokes/She gon’ get each & every one of her holes poked/Lil Yachty in that pussy I got that row boat," he raps.

Musically the Dipset member has been quiet. He hasn't been releasing consistent tracks or projects in years. In August, “1 Arm” by Santana and Lil Wayne, a track that was placed on their My Face Can’t Be Felt mixtape, was officially released 10 years after it was first created by the track’s producer, Streetrunner. The Miami-based producer dropped the official mix to the track on his Soundcloud page today (Aug. 25).

Instead he's been concentrating on raising his three children and can be seen on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York. Take a listen to “Up In The Studio Gettin' Blown (Freestyle)” above and let us know what you think.

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