Cyndi Lauper is a living music icon. The singer who has been making music for over 30 years and produced some timeless pop music such as "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" has a son who is following her footsteps, but with a twist. Her 18-years-old son, Dex Lauper, is an aspiring rapper who ready to make a name for himself. Today he releases "Loyalty," a high energy banger that will get you on your feet.

"I did 'Loyalty" in Miami at Circle House Studios with my team," he said to XXL over email. "I wanted to make a song that reflects my loyalty & hunger for this game. My team is what got me here. Nowadays people aren't loyal and are more opportunistic. I want to be an example of how loyalty isn't dead. I'm finishing work on my debut album 'As Life Goes On' which is coming sooner than later."

Dex, who's full name is Declyn Wallace Thornton, has been working on his album ALGO (As Life Goes On) for a while now. Bump his new single "Loyalty"

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