Chance The Rapper is the only featured rapper on John Legend's new album Darkness and Light, and Wednesday (Nov. 16) their collab "Penthouse Floor" arrives. Listen to it above via YouTube or below via Spotify.

The song's got a sultry groove to it, with some complex instrumentation behind it. Later, Chance comes in with a knock knock joke: "Knock knock, who there? It's us, us who? Just us, who this? Just playing, just me, new phone, new era." Then he spills into a more traditional rhyme scheme: "Handpicked from bad apples and bad eggs / Held back, I had to grab crab legs."

Chance's verse is especially impressive because of the somewhat unconventional way he attacks the beat. His emotive delivery has vaulted him above the average MC, signifying the right amount of emotion without sounding phony or overdone. The song is pretty solid, but Chance takes it to another level.

Legend's new album drops Dec. 2. Peep the tracklist below.

John Legend's Darkness and Light Tracklist

1. “I Know Better”
2. “Penthouse Floor” Feat. Chance the Rapper
3. “Darkness and Light” Feat. Brittany Howard
4. “Overload” Feat. Miguel
5. “Love Me Now”
6. “What You Do to Me”
7. “Surefire”
8. “Right By You (for Luna)”
9. “Temporarily Painless”
10. “How Can I Blame You”
11. “Same Old Story”
12. “Marching Into the Dark”

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