It is only right that Uncle Murda gets Cam’ron for the remix of the East New York's newest hit single “Cam’ron Voice.” The original song is inspired by Cam’ron’s character Rico in the 2002 film Paid In Full. It sample's the Dipset head honcho's famous scene from the film in which Rico says "Niggas get shot everyday B, you be aight. You tough, right?"

On "Cam'ron Voice (Remix)" Killa Cam doesn't disappoint. "When I come around man, she tight moist/You fucking or not tho, that's my choice/When I'm rolling in the Rolls that's my Royce/Niggas get shot everyday B, my voice," he raps.

The Brooklyn MC has a knack for releasing gems. Last summer Uncle Murda released "Right Now" featuring Future, now “Cam’ron Voice” is all over the radio in the Northeast. Bump “Cam’ron Voice (Remix)” above.

Cam has been busy also. He releasing his second collaboration with Reebok on Nov. 28 and is also gearing up to drop his new album, Killa Season 2, sometime next year. It was originally supposed to be released this past Fall but the release date was pushed back.

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