Saba, a rising star out of Chicago, has a new album due out next week. With the release date right around the corner, Saba gets fans ready for the LP by dropping a single called "Church / Liquor Store" produced by Cam O'bi. The track features fellow Windy City native Noname, who pairs up well with Saba on this smooth production.

"They ask you what's the cause and effect of doobies packed in they fat/ Now you calling collect / They booby-trapping the trap/The police pulling a pulley, you fall for it, you silly/Putting you outta shape for running, you'll catch a case," Saba raps on the opening verse.

The song displays a level of honesty that can connect with all types of listeners. Last year, Saba told XXL that inspiring others was the primary goal of his his career.

"My goal in music in general is to do for someone out there what music has done for me," Saba said. "To put that hope in a young mind, in a young lost mind, in a young wandering mind, that shit is unmatched. Music reaches you in a way that no other thing can. So to be that voice, to be that conscience that leads you to the light. Just as a young person, I feel like that shit is important and that’s what I would like to be for a young child out there somewhere. Preferably from the West Side of Chicago so they can know that this shit is possible. And not even this shit like, 'Hey go be a rapper,' but go take that risk and go be what you want to be."

Saba's album Bucket List is scheduled to drop on Oct. 27. You can pre-order the LP right now on iTunes.

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