Pro Era's Nyck Caution pays tribute to his late father on "Eyes Closed." He links with Alex Mali and Freddie Joachim, who produced Joey Bada$$'s "Waves," and spits heartfelt bars about how his pops helped his life.

"I get drunk all the time, get wasted off your memories/It's been a minute, at this pace you won't remember me/I've had a heard time dealing with the truth/Drink another brew, eyes closed, I can feel your energy," he raps

Nyck gets introspective over the emotionally heavy track but fans will get a greater understanding about the MC's life. Caution has stayed quiet after dropping his strong Disguise the Limit mixtape in February. In conjunction with the new song, Nyck Caution also shared a letter to his late father, read below:

"It’s been one year since everything happened and it’s still such a crazy feeling to know you aren’t here anymore," he wrote. "You gave me the courage and determination to keep pushing and it feels almost unfair you’re not here to see it all play out. This song is just my letter to you and to let you know I’ll always keep my head up and eyes open. You’ve done more than you will ever know."

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