KXNG Crooked is slated to drop his new album Good vs. Evil on Nov. 11. Today (Oct. 20), he delivers a powerful new single called "Shoot Back (Dear Officer)" featuring Tech N9ne.

The 38-year-old MC breaks down the injustices against Black America in 2016. KXNG Crooked describes in detail the issues at hand, and he offers up his own solution. The chorus goes, "To the police: what kind of beast do you have to become/To kill a child so young who's just having some fun/Dear officer, would you shoot if that was your son?" Crooked shows off his expert lyricism and pinpoint delivery on his verses. Fellow hip-hop veteran Techn9ne also comes in strong on "Shoot Back."

KXNG Crooked tells XXL, “It all started when I was watching a news segment on the murders of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and all the other black people killed by Police” Crooked states. “I saw Tamir Rice's mother on TV and the pain in her eyes made my blood pressure boil. No mother should lose a child like that. Then, I watched cops kill unarmed people on film and go home to their families like black lives didn't matter. No charges and with paid leave."

He continues, "At the same time, I watched officers capture Dylan Roof alive and buy him a hamburger after he slaughtered nine black churchgoers. I thought to myself, are we under attack as black people to the point where I might have to shoot an officer just to survive a mere traffic stop? Then I thought, how crazy is it that we even have to think about in America [in 2016]?”

Crooked adds, “I'm the type of person who feels other people’s pain more than average. I’ve been that way my whole life. It's a gift and a curse. With Good vs. Evil I decided to create a world where the victims of police brutality, government corruption and class discrimination fought back; but not through silent protest---but through violent protest. Sometimes you have to shake people up and shock them into paying attention. Imagine if Mike Brown, or Philando Castile survived the officers shooting them and went straight to the studio to record an album. What would they say? How wouldn't they feel?”

Crooked's album will contain features from artists including Eminem, Xzibit and RZA. You can listen to "Shoot Back" (Dear Officer) above via SoundCloud and pre-order the album on iTunes right now.

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